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Do you want a mature Russian Lady as your Russian girlfriend? is not an international bride broker service. We do not sell any contact information, but instead provide a service for men to submit their information free of charge to ladies who may be interested. We also offer plenty of information regarding travel to Russia, romance tours, and Russian women in general. There are links to other sites that offer foreign bride dating services and information, but they are not part of this site.

Russian girlfriends offer class, education, and kindness!


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Romance Tours to
Russia and former Soviet Republics

The best way to meet a Russian girl for dating or for marriage is to meet her in person. Travel to Russia and meet these extraordinary women up close and in person.

Check out a Russian Romance Tour right now!

Romance tours are probably the best way to meet a Russian lady or find an Eastern European bride. Romance tours combine travel, sightseeing, and beautiful Russian women. What could be better? Experienced travel agents organize all-inclusive tours to Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Packages for romance tours generally include the airfare, hotel, and local attractions. But what makes them special are the real local attraction—the Russian ladies that await you there! Romance tours organize often daily, informal parties where you can meet mature Russian women in a fun, relaxed environment. There is no pressure and you can converse and truly get to know a sexy Russian lady just as you would meet any girl at a party back home. On a romance tour you still get to visit tourist attractions but enjoy the company of Russian ladies to talk to and get to know. Who knows, you might just meet your future Russian bride on a romance tour!

If you're looking for a recommendation for a romance tour,
mine is See for yourself!


Kiev-Kharkov Feb 4 Feb 13 10 Days/9 Nights $2995
  Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson April 7 April 16 10 Days/9 Nights $3295
  Kiev-Kharkov-Sumy April 14 April 23 10 Days/9 Nights $3195
  Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson-Kiev-Kharkov-Sumy April 7 April 23 17 Days/16 Nights $5195
  Kiev- Poltava-Kharkov July 14 July 23 10 Days/9 Nights $3295
  Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson July 21 July 30 10 Days/9 Nights $3395
  Kiev-Poltava-Kharkov-Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson July 14 July 30 17 Days/16 Nights $5395
  Kiev - Kharkov- Sumy Sept 15 Sept 24 10 Days/9 Nights $3295
  Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson Sept 22 Oct 1 10 Days/9 Nights $3395
  Kiev -Kharkov-Sumy-Odessa-Nikolaev-Kherson Sept 15 Oct 1 17 Days/16 Nights $5395
  Kiev-Kharkov Nov 24 Dec 3 10 Days/9 Nights $3095
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FAQ about traveling to Russia

Q: Is it easy to meet Russian woman on the “romance tours”?

Yes, it’s probably the most successful way to make a true connection because you’ll meet face-to-face with tens or more beautiful Russian women. You’ll be able to see whether there is an intellectual and physical connection right away. I highly suggest corresponding with several women before attending the tours. That way, you’ll have specific women you want to know better, and you’ll make the most of your time in Russia. For more information, click here to read about romance tours.

Q: Are there problems for Americans wanting to visit Russia?

Luckily the days of the Cold War are over. It’s no longer even an issue for American tourists to come visit Russia. In fact, the government wants more tourist dollars!

Q: How expensive is it to visit Russia?

Airfare to Russia from the United States averages $500 to $1,000 depending on the time of year and where you depart from. The country is very cheap by Western standards, although Moscow and St. Petersburg know how to charge tourists. I recommend you make your travel arrangements in advance and with a reputable travel agency. This is also why romance tours are a good idea. Everything is taken care of, including sightseeing. has affordable and credible romance tours. check it out!

Q: I’ve been corresponding with a Russian woman. Can she come visit me first instead?

Not likely. Unless she happens to have a very high income and property in Russia, she will be refused a tourist visa. Too many Russian women have tried coming on student or other visas and stayed illegally, causing the immigration services in the US and Western Europe to treat single Russian women travelers with extreme caution. To put things in perspective, the average Russian earns $100/month!

The only proper way is by obtaining a fiancé visa. This is a complicated step, and is only recommended once both of you are sure of your decision. If you just want to meet in person for the first time, it will be easier for you to go to Russia. Alternatively, you could meet somewhere else. Many lovely islands in the Caribbean do not require visas for Russians or Americans.

Q: How do Russian women feel about money?

Generally speaking, Russians do not like to talk about money (except with family) and consider it greedy and impolite to discuss the cost of things. In English we often use the word “expensive” and “overpriced” interchangeably. But to a Russian woman, saying something is expensive tells her that you count your money and are greedy! An honest Russian woman would never ask you to buy her presents or take her shopping. She may expect small gifts like flowers or chocolates, and she probably won't offer to pay for dinner, but if she says “Buy me this and that,” there is something wrong.

Q: I’ve heard stories of women coming to the US and leaving soon after the marriage. Is this possible?

Of course it could happen; anything could happen. But if you look at those cases, more often than not the problem is the man. It’s not honest to believe that an ugly 60-year-old man can keep a model-like 20-year-old Russian girl happy. This is why I say it is a good idea to look for a mature Russian women close to your own age. It’s also not logical to think that Russian women live in such desperate conditions that they will do or say anything to come to “a better country.” Russian women are loyal, adoring wives who expect love and care from a partner. Though they take divorce much more seriously than Americans do, they will not put up with a violent or abusive husband, or one that has purely selfish intentions. Be clear on your reasons for finding love and you have nothing to worry about.


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